My name is Tom Cuthbert,


and I'm a second year screen student with a passion for effective storytelling.

Whether my role is behind the camera, in the editing suite, or coordinating a multi-day shoot, my passion shines through in the quality of work I produce.

I am well versed in industry standard post-production software such as Avid, and the Adobe design suite including After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro.

I truly shine behind a camera, where I have a decade of experience shooting stills and video for clients professionally in commercial and action-sport settings, the latter of which I truly believe is my area of expertise.

I have the ability to envision the final product all the way from pre-production to final delivery, understand how each step plays it's part, and believe my ability to verbalise and communicate my ideas accurately while being part of a larger team helps to create a cohesive product that delivers every time.

As an intern I am looking to join a team that can not only put my skillset to the test, but a team that can shape them cohesively into a workplace asset.

I believe that the right attitude is crucial to being an effective team member, that there is no such thing as a bad question, and that my unwavering work ethic makes me confident I will be an asset to any organisation.


Contact Number: 027 713 0080